Monday, July 11, 2011

6 Miles!

I'm sure everyone was getting a little nervous after the 6 mile run threat. Well the prophesied 6 mile run did happen. And I even lived through it. Barely. And much to my surprise, a mile into my run, the first annual Mapleton/Spanish Fork area family track meet joined me at the track. Hooray! I wasn't quite sure what to do. Already a mile in, I didn't really want to switch venues, and my usual track is still closed. So I just stuck to the outside lane and did my best to stay out of everyone's way. It was a little awkward, but it wasn't a huge event and they finished up before I did... It took me an hour and a half to run the 6 miles (15 minute miles), which isn't bad for having never run that far in my entire life. I interspersed the walking breaks like the schedule suggests and it really helped. I haven't been sore, just stiff. I have mixed feelings about the walking breaks. While they obviously helped me get through the run, accomplishing the entire distance, I still feel a little guilty. It seems like cheating or something. But I have no illusions. I was already pretty sure this body would be walking parts of my half marathon anyway. And the method is supported by super hard core marathon runners, so I should just go with it, right? Next Saturday is the 7 mile run and we'll see how that goes.

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