Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dino Half Marathon!!!

My sixth half marathon is in the bag baby yeah! I was pleased with the course, a nice downhill without banging up my knees. Because of gravity being the force that it is, it pulled me along at paces I don't usually hit. I was managing a stellar sub 11 minute mile pace for the first 4 miles, and was at the 10 mile mark in just under 2 hours. For me, that's quick! The course was very scenic, coming down Dry Fork canyon in Vernal, UT. It was also a very small race. Only 115 people registered, and I know not all of them showed up. When I saw how small of a race it was, I panicked, thinking I would certainly be the last person across the finish line. I'm usually towards the end when there's thousands of people running. I figured my strength was in numbers. But I was able to pass people at the end, not as strong a finish as last time, but still very nice all in all. Despite having a slower sprint to the end, my overall time was my second best ever at 2:39:39. I will definitely be doing this race again next year. The finisher medal is my all time favorite!

So now the next big race on the agenda is my first ever marathon coming up June 9th. I've got two more extremely long weekend runs coming up and then the fun of the taper begins. I'm looking forward to the tapering process honestly. It will be nice to only have to run 12 miles instead of 23...

Happy running!