Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Y'all keep thinking that I died...

What is with me and my non-blogging ways?! After my last post talking about my heart rate problems, I bet a few people thought I had gone off to run the great race in the sky. But honestly, the heart hasn't acted up at all since April, so I've got that going for me.

I have two races to talk about, and it's only been two months. I have to stick to my plan to make half marathon #100 happen this December at the Baker's Dozen, so I couldn't pack my summer with races like I have in the past. It's like I don't even know who I am anymore...
Oh yeah, that's who I am.
But I digress. My July race was the Hobbler Half marathon. It runs down the Hobble Creek Canyon. I like it because it runs down a canyon. I had actually been keeping up with my training fairly well leading up to this race, and that combined with its downhilliness, I managed my first sub three hour half for the year. Okay, so it was only 2 minutes shy of three hours, but it's still under and that's what counts. Scott played finish line photographer for this event, since he was out all night being a rock n' roll star. Late Friday night shows aren't conducive to early morning races.
Still trying to burn off those French pastries...

Half marathon #94 swag shot.
Summer kept rolling along after that early July race. But my training didn't seem to be able to roll along with it. I'm spending way too much of my time at work, and when I do that, everything else suffers. The stress level at work is too high as well, so it's affecting other areas of my life. Things like sleep tend to get hit the hardest. I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here. #FirstWorldProblems

I did get to take a tiny vacation for my anniversary. My husband and I headed down to New Mexico to eat all the food. We did happen to find a little gem of a running trail in Albuquerque. There's a nifty little place called Tingley Beach and they have a bunch of big ponds, a paved bike path, and a nice single track trail that runs along the Rio Grande. We were able to get a couple of nice runs in on the single track, where there was an abundance of lizards, and even a porcupine asleep in a tree.
Having a shaded place to run meant we got to sleep in a bit and not worry too much about the heat.
Obligatory vacation shot.
As soon as we got back from our New Mexico eating extravaganza, real life hit hard and we were busier than ever, directing and performing in a play, playing more concerts, and we adopted two kittens in the middle of it all.
Obligatory kitten picture.
In that whirlwind of activity, it was suddenly time to run the Herriman Hold 'Em trail half. Wait, what? So soon? I should have been training all this time! Woe is me!

I signed Scott up for this one so I wouldn't have to suffer alone. I was right in thinking that there would be suffering. Trails are fun. They are also hilly, rocky beasts of ankle destruction.
But look how lovely! Photo credit Scott M. Stringham.
 It was a small affair, but we managed to not be last by the grace of a man who was the voluntary sweeper. He stuck with us throughout the hills, trudging, near heat exhaustion, and rocky descents.
Worth the struggle. Photo credit Scott M. Stringham.
We stumbled in to the finish in just under four hours. While it was a challenge to finish, I never regretted the time that we spent out there. I cursed my slacktastic training and the ankle destroying rocks, but being out there enjoying nature with my husband is never something to regret. Plus, it really feels like we earned that post race queso and chips.
Half marathon #95! The shirt is all kinds of cozy.
I have another race coming up this Saturday, hopefully I won't be sore from the Herriman race anymore by the time the starting gun goes off... And before my training plan for February's 48 hour race starts next week. Eek. I don't know why I keep thinking I'll be ready for these things. I never am when it comes time. I guess it's time to find my mojo again. If anyone has motivation tips, feel free to throw them my way.

Until next time, happy running!
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