Saturday, January 21, 2012


As mentioned in my previous blog, the one that was bloggier than ever, I was having some issues with my ankle. Those issues then spread to my shin as well. So what did I do? I got fed up, went to the running store, and bought a pair of minimalist shoes, the Nike Free. I made sure to get the most eye blinding color of course. Fact: Bright shoes make you look faster. But what's even better than minimalist shoes is running in your naked little feet. Here's the story.

 I went out for what I wanted to be a 5 mile run. I was in my standard stability shoes, not my minimalist shoes. I could only go 2 miles before the pain in my shin was so intense it forced me to stop. Since I had just finished reading Ken Bob Saxton's "Barefoot Running, Step by Step" book, I decided to try his method. I stripped off the shoes and socks and started to run around the outdoor track in my bare feet. The track is not as soft as it seems once those shoes come off. But what's great is that all the pain in my leg was totally gone! I decided to give my tender tootsies a break and try running on the grass on the inside of the track. That's when the laughing started. It felt so good to run barefoot on the grass, with absolutely no pain that I started to laugh out loud. I just ran and laughed and then almost cried because it just felt so amazing. I knew I needed to take it easy though and I stopped at a half a mile. Barefoot running uses different muscles than when you heel strike in cushioned running shoes. People tend to go a little nuts when they start barefooting and I can see why. You just don't want to stop! But I'm making myself take it slow so I can really enjoy it without injuring myself. I did 4 miles today in my minimalist shoes and it felt good. Then I took them off and went for a mile barefoot. I'm planning on picking up a pair of Vibram Five Finger shoes as well, so that I can get the barefoot feel when it's cold outside, since it IS January and all...

Happy (barefoot) running!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Took a break, now I'm back (and bloggier than ever!)

I really just wanted to use the word "bloggier".  So 2012 started off with a nice 10 mile run. But for some reason, after the run, my left ankle stiffened up and started to hurt quite a bit. Then a day later, I managed to contract whatever flu/cold virus that's been going around. Since I'm working on my positive attitude, I have decided that it's a good thing that I got sick and injured at the same time. That way, there was only one healing period for both things. I took 12 days off of running, throwing in some elliptical workouts once the illness passed. I was able to take advantage of the beautiful weather and test out the lungs and ankle today. I managed 4 miles and feel pretty good.

My official marathon training will begin the week of February 6th. That'll give me a few weeks here to get back to 100% before I hit the training full force. I have worked up a training schedule that's an conglomerate of a few training schedules that are out there in books and on the interwebs. As much as I am dreading it, I have to work in speed work and drills. It's about time this plump runner got some speed in her running!

I've got a couple more running books to review for my captive audience's enjoyment coming soon.
Happy running!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A whole new year in which to run my butt off.

It appears that I have not blogged in just about a month. I suppose I should have seen this coming. December is always a rough month to get anything done. My running definitely took a hit. I have started using my rec center pass to run indoors when it's cold. The only problem with that track is that it takes 6 and 1/4 laps to make a mile. So the 8 mile run that I did there totaled 50 laps. It's absolutely mind numbing. The weather has been really cooperative for winter, however. I have been able to get out and about for my runs, thanks to the lack of snow. I even managed a festive Christmas Eve run in a Santa hat. My mile time has been improving this month, despite my lack of consistency. I'm now averaging close to an 11 minute mile instead of my usual standard 12 to 12.5 minute miles. My hope is that I'll be able to finish my first marathon in less than 5 hours. It's hard to fathom running for 5 solid hours... But I want that finisher medal, and I want it bad.

My motivation for 2012 has been renewed by my acceptance into the Canyonlands Half Marathon in March. So now I have to be race ready even earlier. I will also be supplementing my Moab running adventure by going skydiving after the race. Hopefully, I won't have a heart attack when I jump out of the plane. I guess you'll all know if I die, since there won't be any more posts if I do. Here's hoping for more posts!

Happy new year everyone!