Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another running book review!

This week's book review is on the Runner's World Complete Book of Women's Running by Dagny Scott Barios. This handy volume is a must read for any woman who's even thought about running. It's one of the first running books that I bought and still one of my favorites. It covers a wide range of concerns for women who run, from shoes to bras to running while pregnant and for running as women age. I especially like her running log excerpts. She has some very inspirational thoughts that helped to boost my own desire and motivation to keep on running. She also includes a guide to stretching, speed work, and cross training. The nice part is that there are pictures of the stretches and such. I don't know about you, but sometimes it can be difficult to translate the words into an effective movement. The pictures let you know if you're doing it right. I bestow a Gu rating of 5 Gu's to this fine reference guide to women's running.

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