Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A triumphant return!

I'm back on track! (literally and figuratively, since I run on a track...) I took 9 days off of running due to the ankle of pain. 9 loooooong days of captivity. I was finally able to get out last Saturday and do a three mile run. My legs felt fine, the ankle felt fine. What was not fine was my breathing. I could hardly catch my breath! Can 9 days of not running really set me back like that? And my heart rate was too high, according to my incredibly talented and attractive Garmin 305. But Monday's run was much better. I was able to do a nice steady three miles at my fastest time to date, 11:07 per mile. My breathing had returned to normal for Monday's run, thank goodness. I tried to get out there this morning for a 5 miler, but I had spent the night up in SLC with my best friend, trying to finalize the plans for her bachelorette party. Not much sleep came my way. So today is a rest day and the 5 miles will happen tomorrow. Instead of doing a long run this weekend, my boyfriend and I are going to hike Mt. Timpanogos. It's something like 9 miles, so I figure that will count. I'll try to get some lovely mountain pictures to post. And speaking of the boyfriend, he just joined dailymile.com and has logged his first run! He says he wants to run the marathon in Greece with me next Novemeber :)

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