Sunday, August 7, 2011

Double digit long run!

So I was pretty stoked about running nine miles. You all remember that, right? Well guess who just did ten miles on Friday? That would be this girl. This one right here. Yeah, the fat one who looks like running ten miles would send her to her death. Ha! I even did it five minutes faster than I though I would too. I averaged a 12:30 minute mile. For running that far, that's amazing for me. I am thinking of signing up for a closer half marathon. My Halloween Half isn't until the end of October. There's one that goes down part of the Nebo Loop on September 10th. I really think that I can be ready for it. I'm getting antsy to run a race. I do have the Dirty Dash coming up next month, but it's just a 10K, also the obstacles slow one down considerably. I just wish some of this weight would come off. I think that would help my times if I had less to lug around with me. But there's some good news. A few of the pounds that came on when my training started have dropped, but I'm still three pounds over the weight that I started at. I just got my copy of Nutrition for Marathoners book. It should help me out on this issue. Hopefully, it will tell me that ice cream is an essential part of the marathoner's diet.

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