Sunday, August 14, 2011

A slight setback...

I have successfully completed week 6 of the marathon training schedule. And I seem to have injured my ankle in the process. I didn't do anything to it, like step funny or twist it. It seems that the amount of running that I have been doing has caused the tendons to be a bit stressed out. Perfect. Especially since I went ahead and signed up for the half marathon in September. I have just under a month for my ankle to get with the program. I can put weight on it and walk just fine. It just aches sometimes... Hopefully the ice packs and ace bandage wrapping will make everything peachy again. Other than that little snafu, things are going well with the training. I keep improving my mile times, and I walk less and less on the long runs. I'm looking forward to the 12 mile run this next weekend. It's always so great to find out my body can actually do things like that. I do need to start training somewhere other than the track though. The long runs on the track are fairly mind numbing, just running around in circles... There's a handy gadget that I want. It's a Garmin GPS watch that tracks your distance, time, elevation, calories burned , and loads of other stuff. I may just have to get one soon and start hitting the streets for my long runs. It's probably time to start incorporating some more hard core running gear into my life. After all, I think I may have finally entered the realm where I can call myself a runner :)

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