Sunday, April 1, 2012

2nd race of the season!

My tendon issue is all cleared up! It hasn't improved my time much though. I ran the Riverton Half Marathon yesterday and finished in 2:51:50. Which is better than my Moab time, but not by much. But I'm using these half marathons as training runs, not really to get specific finish times. I was able to pass quite a few people towards the end, since I've gotten much better at pacing myself on these distance runs. The course had some really nice stretches on the Jordan River Parkway. For some reason, there were lots of pill bugs all over the river trail and since pill bugs are pretty adorable (as bugs go) I spent 2 miles or so dodging them. It added an element of excitement and danger.

There's not too much else to report right now. I was in a car accident on Friday (not my fault at least) and while it was happening I worried that it was going to injure me and interfere with my training. But I'm fine, my car is in the shop getting all mended while the countdown continues to the Utah Valley Marathon.

Happy running folks :)

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