Sunday, October 2, 2011

Slacker blogger girl.

I think I slacked off on my blogging this week... Oops. Live and learn, and then get back on the blog horse, right folks? The running is going well, no major mishaps or anecdotes to relate for the week. Although, I have decided to put a closer marathon on my schedule. I was driving and saw a billboard for the Utah Valley Marathon. It's next June and I'm going to go for it. I was originally planning on the Park City Marathon next August to be my first one, but honestly that seems so far away. And it always helps me to have goals that are closer so I don't lose focus.

So now, it looks like I'll be running three marathons next year alone. Is this crazy? Is it an unrealistic goal for a girl who's never run more than 13.1 miles? Sometimes when I sit and think about actually running that far, I get really nervous and worried that I can't do it. And then I have to sit and calmly remind myself that I have 8 months to get ready for the first one. And once I've ran one, I'll know I can do another, and another. I'm just glad I have a decent support system to keep me going through the times when I start to doubt myself. Plus, next year I'll bump up into a higher age bracket. I think being a runner is going to help me deal with aging quite gracefully really. I know the only way I will win anything in a race is if I can keep running as I get older and then with a little perseverance I can win first in my age group. I can see myself being the running grandma. I should come up with some fun name to call myself when I get to that point.

I promise to have another book review up soon!

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