Monday, October 10, 2011

Yet another running book review.

Okay. Anyone who's dipped their toes into the running world will know the name of Hal Higdon. He's one great runner. Not such a great book writer... Today's book review is on Hal's Smart Running. I think I would have liked this more if I had read it in a magazine instead of in book form. It's basically a collection of questions that people asked Mr. Higdon and his answers to those questions. Which would have been pretty neat, had I written him a question and his answer was published. I'd probably run around waving the book in everyone's faces telling them how Hal answered MY question. As it is, it was kind of a random, slightly haphazard book. I suppose if you had never talked to anyone about running before in your entire life, it may have some grand nuggets of wisdom.

Now I like Hal, and I follow his marathon training schedule. He seems like a pretty darned good guy. But I can't give his book a better rating than that of 2 Gu's. He has some other books; I may have to see if they're any better. I do have to give him some credit for getting out there and publishing books.  I haven't tried and I'm sure it's not easy.

Happy reading :)

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