Wednesday, September 12, 2012

3 race reports in one!

Let's hope this three for one is a one time offer... In the three and a half weeks since my Park City marathon, I have run three other races. The first one was a 5K called the Kiss Me Dirty 5K. It was a mud run for women's cancer research. It was a nice event, low key, no timing to worry about. Which I was glad of, since I was still in recovery mode from Park City.

The next weekend was the Only Half Crazy Half Marathon, which started in Herriman and ended in South Jordan. They had made it sound like it was this down hill course. And it really wasn't. Sure, the first two miles were down a little canyon, but then we wound up through some foothills. I was really not happy about how much uphill there really was. Even with it being two weeks since Park City, I was nowhere near mentally able to handle the hills. Talk about PTSD. I finished in my second slowest time, but I was just happy to finish. The race had to start half an hour late due to all the lightning that was happening. I met another Half Fanatic at this race. It's always nice to meet more crazy people like me. It was an interesting day all the way around.

The third race, my favorite race, the Mt. Nebo Half Marathon, was last Saturday. Some of you may remember that this was my first ever half marathon last year. I was so excited to be able to run this race for a second time. There's something wonderful in running a course you've run before. I finished this race in my 3rd fastest time, not as fast as my first time running it, but not that far off. I must say, I enjoyed it even more this time because I actually knew how to pace myself and didn't bonk at mile 9. It was a gorgeous day for a race. It never got too hot and I was prepared for the cold start with a blanket and thicker jacket.

The Mt. Nebo Half was also my last race for Run the Slam. This was a half marathon challenge to run 4 of 6 half marathons in Utah County. I ended up getting two extra medals for the alternate races that I ran as well. It was a fun little program, I love all the extra bling, of course :)

This September is my fullest month for racing. I have 3 more races before it's over, and two of them are full marathons. It should be worth it though, since it will gain me entrance into the Marathon Maniacs!

I'll do my best to write up better, more descriptive blog posts on a more regular schedule. Happy running!

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