Saturday, June 2, 2012

Busy girl, busy life.

Hey everyone in blogger land! I am still here. And I am still running. But life is busy and then when your little brother breaks his neck while mountain biking (he's mostly okay, not paralyzed at least), one tends to forget to blog. Anyway, I have now done the previously unthinkable, I ran 23 miles, on my birthday even (3 weeks ago, now I'm in taper mode). If someone had told me last year that on my 30th birthday, I would wake up early and run 23 miles, I would have laughed in their faces. Short, fat, white girls don't run that far. But you know what? Turns out, they do. And it doesn't even kill them.  I hope that by being able to run 23 miles without dying that means that I can run my first ever marathon next week without dying. I guess when you've already gone that far, what's another 3.2, right?

I had a lovely little race today, so it's time to share the race reports and fun photos! This was my third year in a row running in the Dirty Dash. This year, I actually had a team of people with me. That's so much better than running it solo, like last year. Team Rocket got down and dirty and had a great time. It took two shampooings to get the mud out of my hair... That means it was a most excellent mud fest. This is a good race, for pretty much anyone really. You can skip the obstacles if you don't want to do them (or can't, like when I couldn't jump over the wall that was as tall as I was). There's a gigantic slip n' slide, which is by far my favorite part. And the big ol' mud pits are a blast. That's some cold mountain water they've got in them though. It's a good idea to get in on the earlier start times. The course is not as crowded and it's over nice and early, plus you can actually get a good parking spot.


Please enjoy theses mud filled photos and run happy :)

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