Tuesday, June 26, 2012

7th Half Marathon: Done!

I honestly cannot believe what has happened to me. In less than a year I have become a Half Fanatic, joined the Idiot's Running Club, and now I am on track to become a Marathon Maniac. It seems strange that for 29 years of my life, I hadn't the slightest idea that any of these things existed. I sort of knew that crazy people ran marathons, I sometimes saw people out jogging but never paid that much attention. And now when I see people running, I am instantly analyzing their form, seeing what shoes they're wearing, and feeling extremely tempted to roll down my car window and yell motivational slogans. I suddenly know when every race in the state of Utah is and am signed up for most of them. My new regrets involve things like not being able to be in two races at the same time, owning too many running shoes to justify buying more, and not having enough Body Glide.

Anyway, on to the race report. I ran the AF Canyon Half Marathon last Saturday. It was a really lovely race down the canyon. I'm glad it started nice and early because that summer sun is getting brutal. It was a really well put together event and 100% of the proceeds from the race went to cancer research. So I got a neat medal and shirt, and got warm fuzzies! I got to meet a few of my Daily Mile friends out there as well. It's so nice to meet my internet friends in real life, you guys. Sometimes I get to wondering if they really exist, you know? But they do, and they're great. I have been having a bit of a weird issue with a muscle at the top of my right shin though. It cramps like a bugger for about three miles of every run, thus forcing me to walk A LOT until it finally figures out that I'm not going to stop running and it gives up the fight. I still managed a decent (for me anyway) finish time of 2:46:41. That's my second fastest time this year and my third fastest overall. And the best part, well besides the shirts and medals, was the Kneader's french toast at the end! You all know I'm a plump runner; I love to eat. I had thought that maybe distance running would make me thinner, alas it just made me hungrier. But I digress.

A wonderful race for a wonderful cause. I highly recommend it and will most likely be running it next year as well. I'll be back next week with two new race reports since I decided to do a 5K on the 4th of July and a half marathon on the 7th.

Happy running!

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