Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Injured! Again :(

Who didn't see this coming? I'm sailing along on my marathon training like a pro. Racking up miles, running around like a barefoot fool while people point and stare. I had a great run last night. Everything felt fine. I woke up this morning, and there was a tiny bit of tenderness in my right foot, towards the heel and behind the ankle. I could walk on it no problem though so I wasn't too concerned. But as the day wore on, I had to keep my shoes off for most of the work day. The area swelled so much that the shoes were really uncomfortable. I'm forgoing my 7 mile run tonight to rest and ice the area. Not to mention that I've pumped myself full of ibuprofen. My first half marathon of 2012 is next Saturday. That's a mere 10 days away. It feels like a tendon/ligament issue. At least in my experience, those tend to heal up quickly. If not, too bad because I have a race to run and I'll be damned if a stupid swelly tendon thingy ruins my Moab trip.

Happy resting :P

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  1. Ouch... hope things mend quickly. Good luck on the 1/2!