Saturday, June 15, 2013

Angry Blog

Usually my blogs are all happy running stories and fun pictures. Maybe after I get done venting out the anger, I'll throw in some fun pictures. Let's see if I can get my emotions into words... Maybe it will work best in an open letter style.

Here goes nothing.

Dear people of the world,

Stop telling me what I can and can't do. You have no right to try and get in the way of what I want to do with my life. Just because I had a rough marathon (details of said marathon will be provided after my rant), does not mean I should never do another one. What really burns my biscuits (yeah, I said "burns my biscuits") is that pretty much all of you naysayers have NEVER run a marathon. What would you even know about it? Where do you get off telling me not to do any more? Are any of you running coaches? Do you have any sort of basis for advising me in this? No. No you don't. So stop it.

Is it because you're all threatened by the fact that I'm doing things that scare you? Is that it? Is everyone so insecure that when they see others pushing his or her limits, they're driven to try and stop them? Is the crabs is the bucket analogy really so true? My successes and failures have nothing to do with you. They never have and they never will. So stop trying to keep me at your level of stagnant complacency.

And for all you runners out there who have decided to chime in with your opinions and tell me to back off my running, maybe you should back off. Because I'm fat and slow doesn't mean I can't do these things. I just do them with more jiggling and at a more leisurely pace, okay? I've finished every single race I've ever started. That is more than most runners can say. And if I keep this up, my guess is that I'll get thinner and faster.

I do a tremendous amount of reading. Lately, I've been devouring books on ultra running. These people are no different than I am. I have just as much resolve and will power as they do. I can do great things. I have already done great things and I will not stop. Not only will I not stop running marathons, I will continue to train for my first ultra marathon. My body and mind are capable of things that I haven't even contemplated yet. And if I haven't found my limit yet, how on earth could any of you know what my limits are? I heard something today that sums my feelings up nicely: "Just because something is difficult, doesn't mean I shouldn't do it.".  I'm of the opinion that if something scares me and excites me at the same time, that means I should give it a go.

You don't have to do what I want to do. Go out and live you own crazy dreams. No matter how stupid or insane or any of many other adjectives it may seem, it's your life. Go nuts. And if you want to be stagnant and complacent, go nuts. It's not my place to tell you how to live. But it is my place to run my own life, so I'll keep doing that no matter what you say.

The Girl You'll Never Stop.

Now I can do a race recap on my last three and throw in those fun pictures mentioned earlier. I ran the Alpine Classic Half Marathon, the Thelma and Louise Half Marathon, and the Utah Valley Marathon in the last three weeks.

My friend wanted to run the Alpine race so I thought, sure why not? It was a tiny little race, but the shirts and medals were nice and I enjoyed the chance to run somewhere new.

The Thelma and Louise Half was really pleasant. A nice flat course down in Moab. You all know how I love racing in Moab. The scenery can't be beat. I did have some rather debilitating GI issues the second half of this race, making for a slow finish but it was still a lovely day and a great little race.

And finally, the Utah Valley Marathon. The race that I loved so much last year seriously let me down this year. The first major issue was with the total lack of porta-potties along the course. As in not a single one. Apparently there was a mix up with the company and they didn't deliver any of the porta-potties that were to be placed along the way. This wreaked havoc on my mental well being. It was hot, I was thirsty, and I was also worried to drink too much because of the lack of facilities. This year, they also had some kids on a four wheeler herding us down the mountain. Last year, there wasn't anyone behind me, pushing me along, making me think they were going to pick me up and take me out of the race. I was 40 minutes ahead of the canyon closure cut off time and I knew it, but the anxiety that was caused by having a four wheeler on my heels nearly the whole time was very upsetting.

I finished 5 minutes slower than last year. And it wasn't for lack of physical training. I did the work, I put in the time, but running distance is more about the mind than the body. And mentally, I just wasn't prepared for the trials of the race this year. But next year I will be back, stronger and more prepared for whatever they throw at me. Bring. It. On.
Now I'm going to go out there and run the hell out of Ragnar Wasatch Back. And don't try to get in my way.

Happy running, or whatever it is you enjoy doing.


  1. You rock! I am at awe with your persistence and will power! I am also envious :) but in a good way. As in "one day I will have the perseverance you have" :)

    Go run more half and full marathons! Perhaps one day I'll have the honor of running the same race as you are!

  2. I don't even know how I stumbled upon your blog but I love it! you have some amazing race re-caps (I am bookmarking to come back and read) on races I want to do! Also you GO GIRL! don't ever let someone tell you that you cant do something. "This is Living!" and girl you are living :)